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Fort Collins Kitchen Remodeling

Did you know that one of the common rooms in a house to remodel is the kitchen? I’m sure you know why. The exact reasons you are here at Fort Collins Kitchen Remodeling searching for your remodeling plans and ideas.

We get to update your flooring, lighting, countertops, and everything else. We get to see your kitchen go from what it is today, to the loving, fresh, new, and open kitchen it will become.

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About Fort Collins Kitchen Remodeling

Our kitchen contractors have your best kitchen in mind. We are a company that works as a team incredibly well. The communication we exercise is on point. We are your trusted advisors here at Fort Collins Kitchen Remodeling.

We do a wonderful job of listening to what you want and need. Our kitchens contractors your advocate throughout this entire process. We help in every way we can to make sure you get the kitchen that you want.

Our Fort Collins kitchen remodeling contractors are also great at anticipating problems that may come. Every large and small kitchen renovations do not come with at least one hiccup. We are ready to take that hiccup on with our expertise.

Our kitchen remodeling contractors always keep a positive attitude. You will feel their good vibes when we are in your home. After working with our remodeling contractor you will love the service we give you. You will love it as much as the kitchen remodel we have done for you.

We have the qualifications to provide you with the kitchen installations you need. Your kitchen will look beautiful and work flawlessly. The products that we use are of high quality and reliable brands. We want your kitchen to last for many years.

Rethinking Your Kitchen?

Rethinking your kitchen can bring on many emotions. It can be quick to bring on excitement and anticipation. It can also be quick to bring on fear and stress. How do we help you to not get overwhelmed with the process of remodeling your kitchen?

  • With our designers, we help to make a lot of decisions much easier
  • We offer you a variety of material and brand options so you can find what you want
  • We give you a step by step plan so you know what to expect

One of the most stressful parts of remodeling your kitchen is the cost. We are different than other kitchen remodeling companies. This is because we cut this stress by giving you a broken down bid.

This will go over the cost of each item and every installation. You will find ease and peace as you see the cost in an organized and clear way.

You will be able to finish your project much easier. This is because the cost will not be stressful as you can see it broken down.

We have been helping people for many years to remodel their kitchen in the way they want. Call us today for a free consultation with one of our incredible contractors.

What To Expect?

When you first decide you would like to remodel your kitchen you may think “what next”? It is the best idea to contact us first thing. We will ask you questions and discover what you are wanting and what will be right for the needs you have.

Some questions that are good to keep in mind and that we may ask are:

  1. How often are you using your kitchen for personal and entertaining use?
  2. What is your style of home and kitchen?
  3. Do you already have a budget in mind?

These questions can help us in many ways to understanding your perspective and your needs. If you entertain a lot in your home it will be essential to have quality and durable countertops.

You may be having a hard time choosing hardware, lighting, and backsplash. This may be because you are not quite sure about your style in your kitchen. Once we help you to decide on your style, it will make every other decision much more simple.

We will take all measurements for you. We will figure out the right amount of materials we will need. We will pick up all materials and begin installation once we have got your approval of the design.


The kitchen is the room that we spend most of our time in. That is why we offer every aspect of your kitchen remodel. This ensures that your kitchen will be the best place for entertaining and also for doing homework. We remodel everything. We do your countertops, backsplash, flooring, cabinets, lighting, sink, and faucet.


Kitchen Sink And Faucet

Do you have a specific style and type that you want for your sink and faucet? Lucky you, there are thousands of combinations and options you can find. Would you like a sprayer?

Is the height of the faucet important to you? Must you have a one tub sink, or a large double-sided sink? We can find you and install for you the perfect sink to meet your needs.


Kitchen Backsplash

Do not underestimate the importance of your backsplash in your kitchen because it is used in smaller spaces. It can unify everything in your kitchen or take the spotlight over the stove or sink.

We can install stone, tile, and many other types of backsplash. It is important to use good grout while doing a backsplash. This is the foundation of your backsplash and should be quality.

You must reseal some natural tile type of backsplash once a year. If you do not want any upkeep you must look at the types of backsplash that need zero maintenance.


Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets add function and boost the style of your kitchen with the installation we provide. We can give you brand new cabinets that work flawlessly and look beautiful.

We can add more cabinets to what you currently have so that you have more storage space. If you do not want to spend so much on new cabinets, we can resurface the face of your cabinets now.

This looks very wonderful and can save you thousands of dollars. It is very important to have good working and quality cabinets


Kitchen Countertops

It is most common for homeowners to choose countertops that complement their kitchen.

You want your countertop to be durable especially if you do much or any entertaining. Granite, Quartz, Marble, and Soapstone, are very common countertop choices. Some of these are easier on the budget.

Some of these are more luxurious and give more of a sophisticated look. Depending on the piece of marble, and granite they may look completely different.

No piece is the same as they have a quarry in many different ways.


Kitchen Flooring

You have loads of options for the flooring you place in your kitchen. You want flooring that will not only look incredible but also is durable and easy to clean.

A kitchen is a gathering place for all the activity in your home as well as your place to cook and prepare food and meals. There will be many messes to clean up that will need floors that are easy to clean.

You are going to want flooring that goes with the style of the rest of your house and kitchen. You will also want to weigh out different options if you are looking for flooring that fits a certain budget.


Kitchen Lighting

We offer task lighting, mood lighting, feature, and accent lighting. There are many different purposes for different types of lighting.

Each place in your kitchen may need a different type of light. We will assess your kitchen and let you know what type of lighting may be best in each place.

You may have certain light fixtures you would like to incorporate. We will put these into your design if you have any of these.

About Fort Collins CO

The population of Fort Collins CO is near 170,000. It is a college city but not a very big one. There are a few colleges here.

It began as a very conservative city with alcoholic beverages being prohibited. It has changed over time and has now become very popular for its craft beer.

We have four seasons and get only a little rainfall throughout the year. We do get thunderstorms often but usually without rain. Our economy ranges from industries in manufacturing to industries that are service-oriented.

Cities you will want to visit that are close to Fort Collins CO are:

  • Greeley, CO
  • Loveland, CO
  • Windsor, CO
  • Wellington, CO
  • Berthoud, CO
  • Severance, CO
  • Timnath, CO
  • Laporte, CO
  • Pierce, CO
  • And many more areas!

Frequently Asked Questions

What will it cost to renovate my kitchen?

Your kitchen remodel cost can vary so much. There are many parts to your kitchen renovation cost that affect the final price. Where you get the materials makes a difference. What you decide to do for your included features for your new kitchen renovation Fort Collins CO. The last thing that can make a large impact on the price of your kitchen remodeling Fort Collins CO are the brands that you choose. Can range from $5000-$150,000. We can give no ballpark for the cost until we come to see what your kitchen ideas are.

What are some ways I can cut costs for my kitchen remodeling Fort Collins CO?

You will save money if you get some of the material yourself. You will also save more money if you do some of the work yourself, or if you choose less expensive brands. If you are wanting to remodel your kitchen in a budget-friendly way let your kitchen remodeling contractor Fort Collins CO know. We will work with you greatly to make sure we stay within budget. .

Is the “working triangle” important?

The working triangle is important for your kitchen to be the most functional. If you have a “one wall” kitchen this will not apply to you. Otherwise, you will want to have your sink, stove, and refrigerator in the working triangle. This makes food preparation, cooking, and cleaning much more enjoyable. It also makes it easier as it is all in a nice distance together.

Why are kitchens so expensive to remodel?

The part of your kitchen remodeling that costs so much is the cabinets. If you would like all new cabinets this can amount to half the cost of your entire kitchen remodel. Especially if you have a custom kitchens Fort Collins. The “kitchen remodel near me” here will give you an incredible kitchen upgrade. Fort Collins Kitchen Remodeling will help you find a kitchen design Fort Collins that fits your budget and style desires.

Customer Testimonials

I have referred many people to these “remodeling contractors near me” as we love our new kitchen renovation. The price was great and the service was greater.

Dewey T.

The way that they were able to do our small kitchens designs was incredible. They made our kitchen look huge and flow as a kitchen should.

Vanita F.

The selection of material they presented to us was great. We found something we love for each part of our kitchen. We are very grateful we chose to go with this company. They have provided us with everything we need.

Drake G.

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Fill out our form today. We will meet with you to go over your kitchen renovation plans or your small kitchens designs. Thank you for choosing Fort Collins Kitchen Remodeling. We look forward to working with you!

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